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Need for the product

The current lack of price transparency in the diamond market makes it hard for market participants to properly assess their investments. Also generally, Institutional players such as banks, investment funds or family offices find it quite difficult to enter into the diamond market despite the potential advantages of investing in diamonds. 

In addition, the lack of a pricing benchmark or a discovery platform makes hedging or trading difficult. Without reference prices, tracking a diamond’s current value, and something basic like creating a mark-to-market model for one’s investment can prove to be challenging. A lack of price transparency exists across all stages of purchasing, from wholesale trading to retail.


Our solution

Diamond SWISSI®is designed to capture the underlying appreciation in value of investable diamonds in the form of a liquid digitally trade-able financially regulated and well understood securities. Under pinned by the established concept of fractional ownership, be it in the form an e-unit or in a similar manner as one would own shares of a publicly listed enterprise. The underlying investable diamond allows wealth managers, private banks and other investors to benefit from a growth in a new asset class that has robust support. Diamond SWISSI® could well become a store of value for investors, and the ability of Diamond SWISSI® to trade on regulated markets makes the asset class liquid. So traditional investors should be able to allocate capital without any regulatory constraints. 

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