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Due to our experience and expertise in the world of finance, IT and diamonds, we can offer our customers quite a few exciting and future-proof products.

Digitalization is breaking up traditional business models and is changing the supply chains of entire industries. New ecosystems develop, data-driven solutions increase revenues in sales and marketing, Blockchain technologies even the path toward transparent and secure business processes.

Digitalization began around 1980. Even now, 40 years later, it is still developing quickly and plays an important role in our modern world. Welcome to the Digital Age. We cannot avoid it, so we should dive straight into it. With new ecosystems and digital technologies, a new path has become accessible and on it, we march towards the future.

We found a solution which, on this path makes it possible for us to be an almost ancient but still very interesting part of the market. For those who want to save their assets digitally or analogously, or maybe both simultaneously, we offer a broad spectrum.



We have applied the benefits of blockchain technology to give diamonds the opportunity to reflect their brilliance into the digital world. We have created two products with ADAMAS®, ADAU™, a utility token and a stable coin, the ADAS™ (available from 2024).

The ADAU™ as a Utility Token, serves primarily as a proof of ownership for the investment diamonds acquired. Only natural and certified diamonds (GIA) of the best quality are offered, so that the hardest currency in the world finds its way into your asset portfolio (wallet).

Something lasting, something brilliant, something real.

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Physical Diamond Investment

Diamonds, little treasures that have been for too long in the shadows of other assets. They are beautiful, rare and practically insensitive for fluctuations on the investment market. 

Thanks to the established and publicly accessible ADIAP™ price list, it is now much easier for savers and investors to invest in diamonds. Our experts will be happy to advise you on all aspects of safe and sustainable diamond investing. You can either have your "brilliant" assets delivered to your home or simply and safely in bonded storage.


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Smart Wealth Investment Securities Solutions Infrastructure

Together with our strong strategic finance and technology partners, we are currently working on a Digital Certificate (ETC) for the purchase of investment diamonds.

SWISSI® is a "brilliant" investment asset with low volatility and stable capital appreciation, integrated in a regulated and secure ecosystem. SWISSI® will be available from around March 2024.


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Any questions?

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